FLEXI Detangling
FLEXI Detangling
FLEXI Detangling
FLEXI Detangling
FLEXI Detangling
FLEXI Detangling

FLEXI Detangling

For wet or dry hair does it all

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The all new “TNS” Flexible Detangling Brush has arrived!

Effortlessly detangle your hair with our Flexible Detangling Brush. Designed for both wet and dry hair, thanks to the our ergonomic design and quality boar & nylon bristles it glides through your hair saving you time and discomfort. With wide set bristles, it easily tackles thick and curly hair, eliminating knots and tangles. Make your detangling routine a breeze with FLEXI.

How Do Our Detangling Hair Brushes Reduce Hair Breakage?

The innovative, wide-set bristle layout of our impressive TNS Flexi Detangling Wet/Dry Hair Brush makes it painless to use and causes virtually zero damage or breakage to your hair. Unique, heat-resistant nylon bristles, combined with synthetic boar bristles produce a smooth, de-tangling action. Look like you’ve just left the salon with a wet hair brush from TNS that will give you the effect you love without the aggravation, pain, and damage of traditional detangling hair brushes.

Can I Use the Detangler Hair Brush on Dry Hair?

Absolutely. Our superb detangler hair brush is perfect for wet or dry hair; once you feel the difference, you will never go back to old, painful brushes that pull your hair out and break off pieces as you brush. If you need a wet brush for curly hair, this unit is particularly effective and satisfying to use.

How to Maintain Your Wet Hair Brush for Optimal Performance

The design and composition of our excellent ‘Flexi’ detangling hair brush make it simple to keep clean and in perfect working order. Frequent hair removal and rinsing are normally sufficient, but occasionally:

1 - Remove the hair

Remove any hair you can by hand, using the end of a comb or tweezers for the rest. In extreme cases, you may need to cut the strands carefully using scissors, ensuring you don’t damage the brush.>

2 - Use a suitable cleaning product

Several options work well for cleaning and detangling hair brushes, including:

  • Warm water

  • Gentle shampoo (preferably with sulphates)

  • Baking soda (2 teaspoons in water)

  • Avoid harsh detergents

3 - Dry the brush

Leave the brush on paper towels with bristles facing down. Avoid radiators, but somewhere warm and dry is perfect.

  • Heat resistant (up to 180c indirect heat)
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handle allows for easy manoeuvring through tangled hair
  • Rubberised handle allows for a smoother grip
  • Consists of both heat resistant nylon bristles and synthetic bore bristles, ensuring less hair pulling
  • Wide set bristle design means painless detangling, and next to no hair breakage.
  • Suitable for use on wet or dry hair
  • 2 Year Full Replacement Warranty
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide

Customer Reviews

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I didn’t receive it

Tania Vlah

My hair is still being pulled out by this brush

Very clever!

This is like a hybrid brush that gives you the best of both worlds. It detangles and is gentle on your hair. Then the short bristles help style and give volume. Very clever design.

Helen Haines

I purchased the TNS small hair dryer to take away with me, its a great size very light and easy to pack it also dries your hair perfectly.

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Great product


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