About Us

At TNS Hair, we have a true passion for providing our customers with the ultimate hair styling experience. Our extensive range of hair tools are at the forefront of styling technology, promising you a quick, easy and safe alternative to other hairstyling tools on the market.

Gone are the days of awkwardly trying to comb, detangle and straighten your hair at the same time. Our innovative Hotbrushes combine the ease of a hairbrush and the effectiveness of a straightener, ultimately reducing your styling routine drastically. Thanks to our innovative heating technology, the Hotbrush can effectively straighten your hair up to 20 times faster than most other straighteners on the market. Moreover, our products provide a safe substitute from the traditional flat iron. Conventional hair straighteners use ceramic plates to heat the hair directly, making it incredibly easy to burn yourself while straightening. Alternatively, our Hotbrushes heat through the bristles, making it a safer tool for general use.

Now, we’re expanding our innovative heating technology to produce a variety of hair styling tools! From Automatic Curlers to Flat Irons and Curling Wands, all our products are designed to provide you with salon quality results.