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Quality ceramic plates

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Get Salon-Quality Results With The TNS Hair Straightener Brush

Introducing the revolutionary TNS Hot Brush V3, your key to effortlessly achieving stunningly straight hair in record time, all while minimising damage to your precious locks! Specially designed to cater to teens and individuals of all ages, this advanced hot brush is equipped with cutting-edge ceramic Nano-infused technology.

Dual MCH Heaters:

Equipped with two MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) elements, guaranteeing rapid heating.Achieves a maximum temperature of 240°C in just 30 seconds, providing quick and efficient styling.

Small and Compact:

Compact design makes the TNS Hot Brush V3 portable and easy to carry, perfect for on-the-go styling.Ideal for individuals seeking a space-saving and travel-friendly.

Experience the Hotbrush for the safest way to achieve gorgeous, straight hair in no time. Designed to prioritize your hair's health, this advanced tool ensures even heat distribution, eliminating the risk of damage. Say goodbye to juggling between a brush and straightener, as this all-in-one solution combines functionality and convenience. Straighten your hair effortlessly while keeping it sleek and healthy.

    TNS has an extensive range of tools to help you achieve the highest level of grooming in your home every day with minimum fuss. Known for their superior quality hair tools, TNS is a brand you can trust with the health of your hair while achieving any look you desire without the expensive hairdresser bills to go with it. For salon-quality hair from the convenience of your home, there is no better choice than a TNS hair straightener brush.

    Unveiling the Next Generation of Hair Styling: The TNS Straightening Brush

    The best hair straightening brush in Australia has arrived. The TNS straightening brush offers unsurpassed quality with easy-to-use operation, allowing you to effortlessly achieve salon results at home.

    Advantages of Effortless Styling with TNS Straightening Brush

    An electric hair brush straightener will be a revolutionary addition to your home grooming kit that will leave you wondering how you ever managed without one. Achieving a sophisticated look in less time and with less frustration is just one example of the many advantages of using a heated straightening brush.

    How to Achieve Sleek, Straight Hair with TNS Straightening Brush

    We recommend applying a heat-protective product before using the brush to prevent unwanted heat damage. Your hair straightening brush consists of heated prongs and a heated base plate allowing a gentler straightening process than a traditional straightener. However, a protective product is still recommended for the healthiest hair results.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Our Hair Brush Straightener

    The first step to using our straightening hair brush is to prepare your hair by applying a protective heat product. Once this is done, section your hair into more manageable portions. Now you are ready to start using your straightener brush. Using slow, deliberate brush strokes, work through each section to achieve the desired results. It really is that simple!

    Maximizing the Performance of Your TNS Straightening Brush

    Ensuring you have the correct heat setting for your hair type and have allowed enough time for the brush to heat before use will give you maximum results from your hair straightening brush.

    Essential Maintenance and Care Tips for Long-lasting Results

    When using an electric hair brush straightener, remember to use product to maintain the health of your hair and if you have flyaway hair, smooth through some serum once 

    the straightening is completed for the most beautiful result. This will keep your hair looking its best for as long as possible while avoiding any damage.

    Other products that may interest you are the glider hot air brush which is perfect for men’s hair or very short hair, the wet/dry hairbrush to help detangle, or maybe a bundle package. Whichever product you decide upon, TNS's quality and safety features ensure that you and your hair will be happy with the results.

    Frequently Asked Questions about TNS Straightening Brush

    What sets the TNS straightening brush apart from other hair styling tools on the market?

    Designed to provide even heat distribution to avoid hair damage, and with built-in safety features such as an auto switch off after one hour and a heat-resistant exterior to prevent burning your skin or countertops, the TNS straightening brush stands ahead of its field.

    How quickly does the TNS straightening brush heat up for immediate use?

    A few short minutes is all it will take depending on which temperature you have selected. The temperature control is electronic, so you can be assured your precise desired temperature is achieved with options from 180deg to 240deg.

    Is the straightening brush suitable for all hair types and lengths?

    This is a hair brush straightener for short hair, medium hair or long hair and is ideal for all lengths. If you have thick curly hair or thin waves, using the correct temperature setting will achieve the same spectacular results.

    What safety features are integrated into the TNS straightening brush?

    TNS electric hair brush straightener is designed with safety in mind. Featuring a rubber exterior to prevent accidentally burning your skin, an auto-off timer in the event you forget to unplug your brush, and a 360deg swivel cord to prevent entanglement during use, it is one of the safest hair straightening tools on the market.

    Can I use styling products before or after using the TNS straightening brush?

    The use of quality styling products is recommended for superior straightening results. Apply a heat protection product before use and if you would like to set your style or control any potential flyaway hairs, smooth through a serum after using the TNS straightening brush.

    • High quality ionised ceramic plates and bristles, allowing for even heat distribution
    • Built in Ionic generator for shiny frizz free hair 
    • High quality heat resistant body means you don’t need to worry about burning yourself!
    • Rubberised plastic all over a hair brush design, allows for comfortable and easy handling
    • LCD temperature control(180-240°C), meaning you can decide which temperature you’re most comfortable with
    • We have your safety in mind with a 1 hour automatic shutoff
    • 3 meter 360° swivel cord for ease of use
    • 2 Year Full Replacement Warranty
    • Free Shipping Australia Wide

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    Jenmifer Sneyd

    NEW Hair Straightening Brush

    Nothing compares to this amazing product!

    Fabulous customer service. Happiness and beautiful straight hair so quickly! No more drama.


    TNS Hair Products are proudly developed by a team of industry experts. We take pride in our heritage, as our products are 100% Australian owned and packaged in Australia. With a commitment to quality and excellence, we ensure that every product is crafted to the highest standards.

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