Why choose TNS PRO hair straightening Brush?

Here at TNS Hair, we have a true passion for beautiful silky straight hair. We are proud to bring our innovative TNS Hair Straightener Brush to Australian consumers. TNS Hair Straightener Brush is a new generation in hair straightening appliance that will become an essential part of your daily life.
Thanks to the Brush’s innovative heating technology, our brush can rapidly heat up to 230 degrees Celsius, which means you can straighten your hair up to ~20 times faster than most other straightener brushes on the market.

How to use The TNS Hair Straightener Brush?

TNS Hair Straightener Brush provides you with various temperature levels to obtain straight hair for your hair type. Our straightener brush is equipped with add-subtract keys which allows you to choose your desired temperate level. It’s recommended that you try 200 degrees Celsius first and adjust temperate accordingly based on the results.
  1. Plug the hair straightener into a proper socket .
  2. Press the power on button and set a desired temperature level, and then wait for brush to heat up, leave it on to heat up to the desire temperature for a few minutes (5-10 min).
  3. Meanwhile make sure your hair is clean from moisturiser dry and detangled .
  4. Slowly brush while using the other hand to evenly pull aside your hair.
  5. use from top to bottom in routes and outroots until your hair is straight smooth and shiny.

What material is used by TNS professional Hair Straightener Brush?

Our straightener brush consists of ultra-durable ceramic materials.And heat proof PTC plastic with the highest global standards

Will TNS Hair Straightener Brush burn my hair/scalp?

The black ceramic surface heats up to 230 degrees which is the perfect temperature to keep your hair safe at the same time achieving the optimal straightening result. The ceramic structure is surrounded by plastic heat insulated bristles and if you look at the ceramic surface you will notice that on top of each tooth is placed a red insulator tip that allow you to brush from the root while touching the scalp worry free.

Can I use TNS Hair Straightener Brush on wet hair?

For optimal results, TNS Hair Straightener Brush should be used only on dry brushed hair. The hair should also be clean of moisturizers and all other chemicals which aren’t approved for usage with heat.
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