6 Steps to Blow Dry and Add Bouncy Volume to Your Hair

If you have fine, limp hair, you know the drill: It takes about a trillion years to dry, and as soon as you step outside, your hair falls flat. The good news is several things can help your hair look fuller and bouncier.

First, you'll want to make sure you have the right tools. For instance, a good blow dryer is key, and you may also want to invest in a round brush. Some good quality hair products are ideal to give your hair a good hold as well.

Here are a few other steps to help in the process:

1) Wash with Volumising Products

One of the best ways to get full, voluminous hair is to use volumising products when you wash your hair. Volumising shampoos and conditioners can help to give your hair the boost that you need. Look for products that contain ingredients like protein or biotin, which can strengthen your hair and make it look fuller.

2) Undergo a Blot Drying Process

After you wash your hair, blot it dry with a towel instead of rubbing it. This will help to prevent damage and breakage, which can make your hair look thinner. Giving your locks a chance to air dry slightly can also help to prevent frizz and prepare the hair for the blow dryer's heat when it's time to turn it on.

3) Brush and Add Additional Volumising Products

When drying your hair, it is best to use a round brush. This will help to give your hair more volume and will also help to prevent it from tangling. When your hair is about 80% dry, add in a volumising mousse or other products that can help to give your hair a lift. Be sure to focus on the roots and use your fingers to work the product in.

4) Prep, Flip, and Section the Hair  

Start by prepping your hair with heat-protectant spray. This will prevent your hair from being damaged by the heat of the blow dryer. Next, flip your head over and section out the hair that you want to blow dry. Parting your locks can be helpful to ensure that each part of your hair is boosted with volume.

5) Start Blow Drying the Hair

Start by taking small sections and then use your blow dryer on the roots. Be sure to hold the blow dryer at an angle to direct the air upwards. Use your fingers to give your hair a little lift as you dry. When your hair is about 90% dry, you can start to use a round brush to give your hair even more volume.

6) Provide a Spray to Make Things Last

Once you’ve completed the blow drying, you can finish your look with a little bit of spray. This will help to hold your hair in place and give it a nice finish. Be sure to use a small amount of hairspray and work it through so that your hair still looks natural.


With a few simple tweaks and a sprinkle of patience, you can say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair. So go out there, get ready for a wonderful night out, and show the world your bouncy, beautiful locks!

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