Blow Dryer Brush 101: Our Guide on How to Use One

Like they always say, your hair is your crowning glory. And as such, you always want to maintain it in its perfect state, meaning no split ends, fewer frizzes, and no hair knots. After all, your hair is one thing people instantly notice when they see you.

There are various ways you can maintain your hair in its perfect state, and one way to ensure it always looks good is to use a blow dryer brush. Using a blow dryer brush for your hair helps in:

  • Securing your style
  • Reducing frizz
  • Eliminating knots
  • Preventing split ends
  • Giving your hair a healthy shine

What Is a Blow Dryer Brush?

From the name itself, a blow dryer brush is a hair device composed of a brush on one end and a blow dryer on the other. This nifty tool is designed to help you dry and style your hair simultaneously. It is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve a quick and easy style without having to spend too much time on their hair.

A blow dryer brush for your hair works by using the heat from the blow dryer to help style your hair, while the brush helps to detangle and distribute the heat evenly. This produces a quick and simple look that will last the entire day.

How to Use a Blow Dryer Brush

If you're not sure how to use a blow dryer brush, don't worry. It's quite easy. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a blow dryer brush:

1. Always Prep Your Hair

Preparation is key before using any devices on your hair, and your blow dryer brush is not an exception to this rule. Remember: you must always start with clean, dry hair, meaning you must wash your hair thoroughly. You can also use a heat protectant to help protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer and the brush.

2. Section Your Hair

Once your hair is prepped, it's time to section it off. This will make it easier to blow dry your hair and help you achieve a more polished look. To do this step, divide your hair into four equal sections, take the first section, and clip it out of the way. Repeat this process with the remaining three sections.

3. Use the Blow Dryer Brush

Start by drying the top of your hair. Use your blow dryer on the highest heat setting until it's mostly dry. Next, use the blow dryer brush to dry the rest of your hair. Start at the roots and move the brush down the hair shaft. Make sure to hold the brush close to your head and use gentle strokes.

4. Style Your Hair

Once you're done, it's time to do your hair in your preferred style. Be creative and try out new looks. You can use a straightener, curling iron, or hot rollers to style your hair. Experiment until you find a style that you love.

Final Thoughts

A blow dryer brush is a tool that you can use to help style and dry hair. When using a blow dryer brush for your hair, it is important to ensure the hair is completely dry before using the brush. Overall, you can use the brush to help style the hair and add volume to hair.

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