4 Best Tips to Create Long-Lasting, Voluminous Curls

Everyone’s enamoured with those gorgeous, bouncy curls. But do you want to know something even better? Curly hair can still be beautiful while lasting all day using a hair curler brush. 

Today, we’re sharing our favourite techniques and tricks for curling your hair, so it lasts all day! By the way, all of these suggestions also apply to hair extensions. You may watch our guide below or scroll down to get our helpful hints.

Begin With A Shower

The shower is the starting point for the ideal curl. Although it’s preferable to curl your hair on the second or third day, you may take steps now to guarantee that your curls are gorgeous, defined, and last for hours when the time comes.

When washing your hair, skip the conditioner because it can make your hair excessively silky and slippery, causing curls to fall out faster. The key to enduring curls is having enough grit and texture in the hair to keep them in place.

Before Curling Your Hair, Don’t Wash It

After all of this, the ideal hair to start with is second or third-day hair! Although we all enjoy the feeling of clean, fresh hair, curls hold better in dirtier hair. Because natural oils from your scalp give your hair a grittier texture and natural hold without hair mousse, your curls are more likely to last longer.

If you’re in between washes and concerned about your hair seeming greasy, apply dry shampoo to the roots to absorb any excess oil.

Get Your Hair Ready

Having the appropriate texture for your hair to keep a curl all day or night is critical, which can be achieved with the right hair products. Spread over a thickening mousse to your hair before starting to curl it. Because hair mousse contains alcohol, it will eliminate part of the moisture from your hair, enhancing the grit and hold of your hair even more. 

Although we typically recommend avoiding alcohol and sulphate-based hair products, this is one of the few occasions when doing so is advised! Fill your palm with a generous amount of hair mousse and work it through your hair from roots to ends.

Invest In High-Quality Hot Hair Tools

You may believe that your hair is too straight and that your curls will fall apart in 20 minutes anyway if you use drugstore curling irons or wands, and you will believe it! Only when you upgrade to higher-quality, high-end hot tools such as an automatic hair curler will you understand the issue isn’t with your hair—the curling iron!

Tourmaline or ceramic coatings are commonly seen on high-end curling tools such as an auto curler in Australia and curling wands, as these materials have been shown to cause less hair damage than straight metal. 

They cost more, but they are less harmful to your hair, heat up faster (allowing you to apply heat for less time), and excellent quality curling irons will last you for years. Who doesn’t want to invest in their hair’s health and attractiveness by purchasing high-quality hot tools?

To get the best curl, set your equipment to 350F. Use a lower heat setting of 250F while curling your hair extensions, as hair extensions are considerably more brittle than actual hair.


If you’re already doing the above tips but still having trouble curling your hair, you may try to invest in high-quality hair curling tools. You can make voluminous curls that last all day with the right tools.

TNS Hair is dedicated to giving our customers the best hair styling experience possible. Our hair tools are at the cutting edge of style technology, promising you a quick, easy, and safe alternative to other hair styling equipment such as an automatic hair curler on the market. Shop with us today! 

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