The Basics to Getting Your Best Hair with Every Curling Iron

Through modern innovations, there is now a higher availability of curling irons. As such, if you love to style your hair, you can shop as many curling irons as you want!

When shopping for a curling iron, look for ceramic, titanium, wands, and triple barrels. While much depends on the length, texture, and desired curl of your hair, the principles are simple to comprehend.

Today, we will discuss what the best curling iron material, barrel size, heat settings, and shapes are for your hair. Read on as we explore the basics of getting your best hair with every type of curling iron.

Understanding the Different Types of Curling Irons

  • Ceramic

Ceramic curling irons smooth hair and distribute heat evenly. They work best on fine, heat-sensitive hair. With this, infrared heat swiftly penetrates the hair, locking in moisture to prevent damage. Even heat can cause a surface to shimmer.

  • Clamp-Less

Curling wands, as opposed to curling irons, work by wrapping a portion of hair around the barrel. Unwrapped or clamp-less wands protect dry, damaged tips from high heat. This flat iron's clamp-free design creates beachy waves in the hair.

  • Cone-Shaped

Cone-shaped curling wands generate natural-looking waves with looser roots and tighter ends. Hair that is coarse and rough.

  • Gold-Plated

Early flat irons were gold-plated. Because of its endurance, this material is ideal for curling irons. Although the heat from the blades is not equally distributed, they are great for coarse or thick hair.

Allow your curls to cool before releasing them. As the heat diminishes, the curl will be established, leading to longer-lasting curls.

  • Titanium

Because titanium curling irons are lightweight and robust, they are used by professional hairstylists and are ideal for thick hair. Titanium plates heat up faster and are good for specialists, but they heat from the outside in and may cause damage to beginners over time.

  • Tourmaline

Although there are other possibilities, titanium and ceramic curling irons are the most popular. Tourmaline curling irons emit negative ions to treat dry, frizzy, thick, and unmanageable hair. Tourmaline irons balance positive ions in the hair, leaving it smooth and lustrous.

  • Traditional 

As they roll along the hair shaft, traditional curling irons clasp your hair ends. This technique can produce beachy waves, soft waves, or Hollywood glam.

  • Waver

With a looser S-shape, this iron creates beach waves. This is an effective technique for achieving natural hair texture and mermaid waves. Although it is simple to use, it may result in too uniform and coarse hair.

  • 3/4-inch Barrel

A 3/4-inch barrel is required for tight ringlets. It refers to short, fine, and curly hair. This size, regardless of length, can also accentuate naturally curly hair.

  • 1-inch Barrel 

All lengths and textures benefit from a curling iron with a 1-inch barrel. This size is ideal for people with short hair who want definition and texture at all lengths.

  • 1.5-inch Barrel

A 1.5-inch barrel can fit the entire length of long hair and heat it evenly, making curling easier. This size also results in loose waves. On shorter hair, it will appear delicate and airy.

Understanding the Heat Component of Curling Irons

Heat is required for curl maintenance, however, it is critical not to overheat your hair. Thick hair is more resistant to heat than thin or damaged hair. Use a heat protectant on all hair types, and never exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

For safety, never use a temperature setting higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit on fine or chemically treated hair, which is sensitive to heat damage. Instead of fast passes, use incremental passes.

For virgin or medium-thick hair, use a curling iron with a temperature range of 300 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

Curling irons with temperatures ranging from 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for thick hair. However, using a heated tool on a single piece for an extended period of time will harm it.


When it comes to hair styling, you want to apply the best techniques as well as use the right curling iron for your hair. Keeping this in mind will help you style your hair safely, effectively, and beautifully!

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