4 Hair Blowing Techniques to Achieve That Salon-Quality Hairstyle

Are you tired of your hair always looking frizzy and never quite achieving that salon-quality look? If so, you're not alone. Many women struggle with getting their hair to look its best, but a few simple techniques can help. Here we share some of the best techniques to blow out your hair and get that salon-quality look at home:

Start With Clean Hair

This may seem like a no-brainer, but starting with clean, dry hair is essential if you want to achieve salon-quality results. You will have difficulty achieving your desired effect if your hair is dirty or oily.

It's important to choose high-quality shampoo and conditioner. A clarifying shampoo can help remove any buildup if your hair is exposed to pollution and dirt. Make sure to condition and hydrate after washing to ensure your hair is nourished.

Use A Heat Protectant

Before you start blow-drying your hair, be sure to apply a heat protectant. This will help prevent heat damage and make your hair look and feel healthier. There are different heat protectants on the market, so choose one that works best for your hair type.

Start With Your Hair Damp, Not Wet

When you start blow-drying your hair, it should be damp but not wet. If your hair is too wet, it will take longer to dry and can lead to heat damage. If your hair is too dry, it will be more difficult to style. 

Once you've got the right level of dampness, start blow-drying your hair using the right type of brush, which leads us to the next part.

Use The Right Brush

The type of brush you use can make a big difference in the results you achieve. A round blowout brush is a good option for most hair types. This type of brush will help to smooth out your hair and can also help to add volume. 

Start by blow-drying the roots of your hair and then work your way down to the ends. Be sure to hold the brush close to your hair as you dry it to avoid damaging your hair.

Dry Your Hair In Sections

To avoid missing any spots, it is best to dry your hair in sections. Start by dividing your hair into four sections. Then, use your brush to dry each section of hair, working from the roots to the ends. This is especially helpful for people with thick hair.

Finish With A Cool Shot

Once your hair is completely dry, finish with a cool shot. This will help to set your style and will also help to add shine. A cool shot is simply a blast of cool air you can get from your hair dryer or a diffuser. To use a diffuser, simply point the cool shot directly at your hair and let it do its job. You'll notice an instant difference in how your tresses look and feels.


If you want to blow out your hair like a salon expert, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First, make sure your hair is washed before you start. You should begin blow-drying when your hair is damp and not wet. Also, make sure you use a good quality blowout brush and blow dryer. Third, start from the roots, work your way down, and don't forget to divide your hair into sections for a more thorough blow-dry. Finally, use a cool setting on your blow dryer to set your style.

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