Hair Dryer Brush: What Is It and How Do You Use It?

The time you spend in your morning routine is crucial. If you have the opportunity to make it more efficient, why would you waste it? For instance, instead of brushing your hair then blow-drying it, you should find a heat tool that allows you to do both at the same time. Achieving this is possible with the latest hair styling craze—the hairdryer brush!

What’s a hairdryer brush, and how can it help make your hair routine more efficient? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Hair Dryer Brush?

A hairdryer brush is an electric hair tool that combines the features of a traditional hairdryer and a hairbrush. The result of this combination is fantastic. It transforms your hair from wet to dry in a fraction of what it usually takes to dry. Moreover, it adds volume and shine without tangles, breakage, or static.

Because it doubles as a hairbrush, using a dryer brush is safer than using a conventional hairdryer. Fewer hairdryer burns from using a hairdryer brush are reported compared to using a conventional hairdryer alone.

How Can You Use a Hair Dryer Brush?

Using a hairdryer brush is pretty straightforward. Here are the essential steps you must take.

1. Wait for Your Hair to Dry Partially

After washing your hair and combing it, you should put it into a towel, gently pat it dry and wait for it to dry partially before you start brushing. You don’t want to completely dry your hair because doing so will make it harder for the hairdryer brush to dry it.

2. Apply Heat Protectant to Your Hair

Using any hairdryer might cause damage to it. The heat protectant will prevent the damage from happening. However, make sure you don’t apply too much heat protectant, as it will make it more difficult to dry your hair.

3. Divide Your Hair into Sections

When you’re done with the first two steps, you can proceed with dividing your hair into sections. You should create sections on the top of your hair and the sides.

4. Use Your Hair Dryer Blowout Brush

After dividing your hair into sections, it’s time to brush your hair. Start with the top section and brush it downwards. Brush your hair towards the back so that you can dry your hair easily. Also, make sure you move the hairdryer brush slowly. If you move it too fast, you will create static, making your hair look messy.

5. Repeat the Process Until Satisfied

The goal is to brush your hair until you are happy with the result. If you’re satisfied with the result, you don’t have to repeat this process, but if you’re not, continue going through the steps until you reach your goal.

6. Place Finishing Touches and Add Volume

After brushing your hair, you should make some finishing touches. You should add curl or volume to your hair, depending on what you want. You can also use this step to add shine to your hair.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using a hairdryer brush, you should add this tool to your hair care routine. It will transform your morning hair routine by saving you time and eliminating the damage done using a conventional hairdryer.

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