15 Best Tips to Get Perfect Waves and Curls

10 ways to achieve gorgeous, curly hair if your hair is naturally wavy or curly:

  1. Curly hair can be naturally drier than straight hair so use a moisturising shampoo to keep your hair hydrated. Adding in a curly defining conditioner ensures your curls keep their shape.
  2. Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute your curls evenly, instead of a brush which can cause your curls to lose shape and cause hair breakage.
  3. Heat protectant to minimise heat related damage to your hair. A heat protectant will create a silicone barrier so your hair stays smooth and sleek whilst being styled.
  4. Frizz! The sworn enemy of wavy and curly haired girls worldwide. Time to invest in anti-frizz serum to ward off humidity and to make sure your hair stays soft, defined and hydrated.
  5. Forget the blow-dryer or hair dryer. Blow-drying curly or wavy hair just makes it frizzier and shapeless. Always air dry and use a diffuser on the lowest setting when hair is mostly dry.
  6. Additional tip for drying curly hair- Coat each curl generously with a curl-defining product prior to letting it air dry, to ensure curls retain their definition whilst being smooth and hydrated.
  7. Use a versatile styling tool. Using a professional hair styling tool that has more than one barrel and multiple heat settings allows you to create a variety of looks from soft, beachy waves to glamourous and defined curls.
  8. Lock in your hairstyle with frizz fighting hairspray! All that gorgeously styled hair should not come undone no matter what. A frizz fighting hair spray will stave off humidity, prevent pesky flyaways and lock in those curls all day!
  9. Regularly trimming dry and damaged ends ensures your gorgeous waves or curls don’t get weighed down and lose their shape.
  10. Boost your natural curl pattern with a styling spray. Restore elasticity, fight frizz, and keep curls defined all day with a daily styling spray for curls.

If your hair is straight:

  1. Getting curly hair with naturally straight hair usually involves a heat styling tool so its important your hair is thoroughly hydrated and nourished. Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner ensures your hair is hydrated enough to withstand the high temperatures required to curl your hair.

  2. Use a leave in conditioner or hair serum to ensure your hair remains sleek and strong, whilst being exposed to heat.

  3. Air dry and diffuse your hair. Allowing your hair to air dry and diffusing it when it’s mostly dry allows you to achieve a natural wave, which makes it easier to curl your hair.

  4. Break out the heat on that dead straight hair! Use a curling iron that has a barrel which allows you to create tight and small curls as curls can loosen over time. A large barrelled curling iron will create large waves and not create effective curls on straight hair.

  5. Perfect those curls you worked so meticulously to achieve with a sea salt spray. Simply spray and scrunch your hair to create beautifully tousled curls with plenty of volume.

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