3 Things to Do to Have Luscious Curls for a Date Night

Do you want to change your drab curls into date-worthy locks? Indeed, you can do it all on your own. With our easy DIY curl tips, you can transform your everyday look and keep your date interested from one date night to the next!

Read on to discover the three things to do to have luscious curls for a date night.

Amplify with Volume

Gravity's sole challenge is keeping your curls in place. With the right techniques, you can get curls that are massive, alluring, and buoyant!

After showering, apply gel or mousse to damp, upside-down hair in the shower. Manipulate the hair upward to add curl and volume by scrunching your hair up in a microfibre towel. This aids in moisture retention and crown elevation.

  • For Wavy Hair

For an all-night hold, use a volumising mousse or a gel with a stronghold. You can raise your hair while it dries with pin-curl clips. Make an effort not to disturb your curls. Stack your hair on top of your head and secure it with clips while it dries.

  • For Curly Hair

A light gel and frizz-free oil combo create volume without frizz. Pin-curl clips give the crown volume and lift.

  • For Kinky Curly Hair

The majority of kinkily curly hair has volume and lift but little frizz. To avoid frizz, leave the conditioner in your hair and rinse lightly. Use a frizz-free styling lotion and oil to seal in moisture. Air-drying prevents curl frizz.

Bump It with a Hump

A "hump" is a modest crown elevation. This type of hair look gives volume without the need for a shower or setting time.

Pull a portion of hair back from your hairline near your brow, as if making a ponytail, but with less hair. Make a hump in your hair by gently pressing it forwards. Leave some curls around the face or entirely remove them.

Bobby pins are your best buddy; don't be terrified of them. It is effective to lock them with an X. Without causing damage to pin curls.

  • For Wavy Hair

Tease the top portion of your fine hair with care to keep your style from separating overnight. Tease near the scalp to prevent frizz. Before and after teasing, use an aerosol hairspray with a stronghold. Before beginning, secure each side of your hair with a pin.

  • For Curly Hair

To change the appearance of your bump, cross your hair in the back and pin it. This will also improve visual attractiveness. Spray hair all over to keep curls in place and frizz at bay.

  • For Kinky Curly Hair

Apply a strong anti-frizz oil to the top half of your hair while you tie it back. Smoothly pin hair back, one side at a time. To keep thick hair in place, several bobby pins may be required. Try a different arrangement or align them.

Accessorise Just the Way You Like

For date nights, we all want a hairstyle that is fun and flirty. Accessories can help you achieve this! Find hair jewellery that complements your style because there are so many alternatives.

If the accessory is too heavy, arrange your hair with bobby pins before clipping it on. You should also remember to accessorise totally dry and set hair. 

  • For Wavy Hair

A beautiful scarf will draw attention to your hairline. Choose a simple length that is somewhat longer than your hair. The scarf is ideal for second-day hair disasters because it masks root oil.

  • For Curly Hair

A ribbon or clip will draw attention to your curls. One side of your hair should be parted. If the clip is too heavy, you may need to use a bobby pin to secure the side.

  • For Kinky Curly Hair

A lovely headband complements your outfit perfectly. Leave a few hair strands around your face. Fidgeting with the headband at night, on the other hand, may lead your curls to become unruly.


Date nights will always be more special when you have luscious curls that will make you feel extra confident. Simply make sure to keep these tips in mind to manage and beautify your hair and maximise its potential!

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