7 Ways on How to Keep Your Hair Tangle-Free While You Sleep

It is a pain when you wake up in the morning and your hair is all tangled up. Getting tangled in your hair as you sleep is a regular occurrence because of the friction when you repeatedly toss and turn on your pillow. 

Here are seven options for preventing tangles in your hair while you sleep, ranging from water washing techniques to silk scrunchies.

1. Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

Your hair is usually matted together like an old telephone cord when you get up from bed in the morning. This is caused by the friction of your head rubbing against your pillow as you sleep. To prevent this from happening, use a silk pillowcase. 

Silk does not generate friction, so use silk pillowcases to save your hair from tangles when you’re in bed. Choose those of good quality, because cheap silk pillowcases in the market are not designed to be slept on and may cause rashes on your face. 

2. Brush Your Hair Before Laying Down

It is a good habit to brush your hair before going to bed. If you have curly hair, brush it gently in the direction of the curls. This will help to smooth out your hair. It will also make your hair less messy in the morning.

With a Detangling Wet and Dry Hair Brush, you can detangle your wet or dry hair quickly and painlessly. Detangling even thick and curly hair is a snap because of the presence of wide-set bristles.

3. Apply a Hair Mask or Hair Oil Before Going to Bed

Another way to prevent tangles in your hair is to apply a hair mask. A hair mask is a deep treatment you use on your hair and leaves overnight. It is designed to moisturise your hair and also condition it. Applying a hair mask gives your hair a smooth texture, preventing tangles.

In the same way, a good hair oil or hair serum can also help you keep your hair smooth and free of tangles. You can apply the oil to your hair right before you sleep. Just make sure that you do not apply too much of the hair oil, or it will make your pillow very oily and greasy! 

4. Wear a Silk Scrunchie

You can buy a silk scrunchie from the store. They cost less than $5 and can be used to keep your hair from tangling. Silk does not generate friction, so you can use a silk scrunchie and save yourself from waking up with tangled hair.

5. Use a Water Washing Method

You can use a water washing method to make your hair smooth again when you wake up in. Wet your hair and use your fingers to rub it. Then use your fingers to comb through your hair. This will remove any tangles your hair may have developed while you slept. Just make sure you don’t use a wide-toothed comb, as this will make your hair more tangled than it already is.

6. Remember to Condition Your Hair

It is a good idea to condition your hair before going to bed. This will make your hair smooth and less likely to get tangled up.

Conditioners seal in moisture, making your hair softer and less prone to tangling and frizzing as you sleep. Whether you use a rinse-out conditioner or a leave-in style, condition your hair daily to avoid tangles.

7. Ensure Your Hair Is Dry Thoroughly

While using conditioners will help prevent tangles in your hair, you still need to ensure that your hair is dry before you sleep. It is good to wrap a towel around your hair after washing it or use a blowdryer to dry your hair. This will prevent your hair from being wet as you go to sleep.


Prevent tangles in your hair by remembering a few tips. Brush your hair regularly, and use a silk pillowcase. Use a hair mask, oil or serum to keep your hair conditioned and smooth. Use silk scrunchies to keep your hair intact after a hard day’s work. If you want to look beautiful, you need to know how to prevent tangles in your hair.

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