The Best Hair Styling Tools in Australia

Want to get the best from your hair?

With so many hair straighteners, hair curlers, hot brushes and other hair styling products available these days- it can get overwhelming and confusing fast! What if you can get all your hair styling tools in one place and be guaranteed beautiful hair?

TNS Hair offers a range of hair styling products to ensure you get that smooth, sleek and straight hair or the bouncy, healthy curls you’ve always wanted.  Our products are easy to use, affordable and won’t break the bank. At TNS Hair, we know that every head of hair is unique and that’s why we have specially curated tools for whatever hairstyle your aiming for, whether it be straight, curly, wavy or you’re simply wanting frizz free hair.

Blow Out Brush: Want that salon quality blowout but don’t have time to go to the salon or don’t want to pay big bucks each time you want a blowout? Well now you don’t have to. The TNS blowout brush dries your hair while reducing frizz, and simultaneously styles your hair to ensure sleek and voluminous hair! Specially designed nylon bristles allow you to use it on wet or dry hair. A specially designed oval barrel ensures voluminous hair each time.

Hair curlers: Create beautiful, bouncy curls at home with our curling wand and auto curler. Designed to ensure ease of use and optimal results, our auto curler will ensure your smooth and frizz free curls last longer than hair styled with traditioned hair curlers. The auto curler does all the hard work for you with its rotating barrel that can curl your hair instantly and effortlessly, ensuring you have beautiful and natural looking curls.

Hair Straighteners: Tired of straightening your hair to only end up with frizz? TNS Hair’s range of hair straightening brushes ensures you have beautifully straight and sleek hair each time, as each brush stroke can straighten up to ten times more hair than a traditional flat iron hair straightener.  Each brush stroke can swiftly and safely straighten hair from the roots, meaning no frizz or fly-always. The ultimate hair straightener for the modern-day time-poor consumer!

Detangling Brush: Hate detangling your hair because it’s painful and time consuming? The TNS Flexible Detangling Brush can be safely and painlessly be used on either wet or dry hair. Wide set bristles ensure less hair breakage and hair pulling. A non-slip handle guarantees easy detangling of your hair. Safe and easy to use on all hair types, including thick and curly hair.

TNS Hair are very confident in their products and are sure you will love them too! With affordable prices and free shipping Australia wide, don’t wait to grab your hair styling tool!

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